A Spaceport? In Cornwall?

This is actually really beneficial to Cornish Locals.

Let's show the locals it's for them.
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As a creative team, we were asked to help promote the first horizontal launch Spaceport in Cornwall. 



Our mission was to generate a B2C campaign, to positively engage the public in the spaceports arrival.



Ultimately we wanted to keep the Cornish Pride and instil ownership of the new spaceport rather than the spaceport feeling like an intruder. Therefore, with our campaign, we wanted to inspire the locals to want to get involved with the Spaceports future and feel like it will become a part of their history.


"Cornwall is Claiming Space" 

Spaceport Cornwall


Our art direction was to keep in touch with Cornish roots and show how the new spaceport will help existing industries. We wanted our response to work into the heritage by focusing our messaging at different events. Talking to the locals rather than at them, was the overarching theme of our idea. 


We executed:

5 x print ads

1 x potential print ad placement

1 x beer mat mock-up 

1 x website mock-up

1 x promotional sticker

3 x Instagram posts including sticker

1 x facebook geo-cashing concept 

1 x social media tone of voice alteration

1 x event poster

1 x page of events to target

3 x potential event activities

2 x potential food/ drink holders

1 x potential space-themed food to be sold