Webinar Event

December 2018


I was asked to represent Falmouth University LIVE on a webinar to help promote my course. I was asked to speak on camera, due to my calm and concise nature that radiates through my bubbly and energetic personality. 


It was LIVE questions being asked from around the world from various people, about various topics and I had to answer them on the spot within a time limit. The webinar lasted about an hour but really taught me the art of getting to the point.


Student Mentor Event

May 2019


As a highly respected student mentor, I was asked to help organise and run an awards night for over 300 people. It would be filled with other mentors, prime ministers, celebrities and various important representatives. 


I was in charge of advertising, and PR, to which was successfully received by onlookers. It was a great night and, I was commended for the work I did with a certificate from the vice chancellor of Falmouth University.

Medical PR Case Study

May 2019

I conducted a case study on how Medical PR has always been a hard area to successfully communicate to everyone. The industry has constant subjection to regulations surrounding sensitivity and classification. However, through my study, I found that with the healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and Public Relations is proving to be needed more now than it ever has done. My study really opened up my skillset, in how to understand that multiple audiences within the Healthcare industry all require different messages.

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Interviewing Business

June - July 2019


Working for GBCorperations in Shanghai, China on a 2-month PR and digital marketing internship, I am fortunate enough to meet and interview amazing businessmen within many different industries supporting or founding start-ups. 


I have learnt the major differences between the eastern and western markets, both within consumerism and business. This has broadened knowledge and understanding of global PR and events work.



University Events Team

September 2019 - March 2020


Working in my final year on the events team looking after the first years has been really fun. I've enjoyed organising and running the events but mostly I've enjoyed getting to know the first years at my university. Helping with there needs and ensuring they are emotionally stable and having the best first year was really rewarding.

Working with the university on a professional level was good experience as well, as we managed to convince them to have llamas on campus and other fun events.

Co-ordinating Campaign Week

February 2020


During the 9th - 14th February, I participated in our Election week as a candidate. I ran a team of almost 80 people, coordinating them to the campaign, represent me and attend events. I organised a private event at a nightclub, managed to get myself into a university 'take me out' event and made multiple speeches to show people who I was so they would vote for me.


The team consisted of two micro teams of 30 and a night team of 15. I had two sites to organise and night events in various locations.