Campaign Week

During the 9th - 14th February I participated in our Election week as a candidate. I ran a team of almost 80 people, co-ordinating them to campaign, represent me and attend events. I organised a private event at a night club, participating in a university 'take me out' and all the merchandise. I also sourced and used graphic designers, video editors and participants in my videos.


The team consisted of two micro teams of 30, a production team and a night team of 15. I had to organise two sites, day activities and night events in various locations. Whilst making sure I present myself in the best way possible and reach as many people as possible.


No one knows about the changes I want to make and how they will benefit them.


Falmouth University students are colourful, expressive and have limited attention span.


Get the message of ME out a quick and efficiently as possible to generate hype and excitement for my campaign.


Using recent excitement in feminist insta profiles I chose a pattern that was relatable to that. Stimulating a subconscious relation to my political views. Then, using colours that we're happy but strong we showed me off as a happy but strong individual.  

We then created "MARSHALLING FALMOUTH IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION" reciprocated through every part of the campaign with foam fingers, arrows etc... 

This message then went over everything, setting off a #MarshallingFalmouth to social media where we placed poster of me in funny/ strategic places to make puns. People then got involved following the instagram and tagging @MarshallingFalmouth.

Simple posters and leaflets were placed around for awareness with brief manifesto points on.

EXECUTION (Photos below)


Elected at Phase 1

We got over half of the total votes made on that day so we automatically won.