Cheerleading is not seen as a real sport.

So the girls training & competing are not see as real athletes.

This needs to change.

Cheerleading got it's provisional license to compete at the Olympics. So, it has the chance to compete in LA 2028.

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Cheerleading has deep underlying fight from "being nothing to being something" that resonates with a lot of females and NikePlus is having a dip in female members.

Pair the two together and Nike has the power to support these females as real athletes.


NikePlus supporting every athlete!


By pairing with NikePlus and taking a real approach to how cheerleading is a sport that empowers females. We want to change the way these girls feel about not being athletes and excite the public for it to be in the Olympics 2028.

Nike will create a sports culture for these girls through their NikePlus membership and fight for cheerleading's sports status along the way.

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