Adobe x LADBible

LADBible and Adobe wanted to collaborate in order to help make a positive change in society through creativity.


PROBLEM: Deprived neighbourhoods are more likely to have youths that resort to gang life and end up committing crimes because of the lack of resources available to them to make better choices in life.

INSIGHT: The Good Society Framework shows that education, relationships and peace/security are what makes up a good society. These neighbourhoods lack these excuse kids don't have an outlet. 

STRATEGY: Working out how to use schools (the future of these kids) in combatting the deprived neighbourhood gang lifestyle. These kids have stories to tell. Let's teach them how to tell them.

SOLUTION: 'Fresh Shots Program'. Our idea is to take kids in deprived neighbourhoods out of the wrong gangs and into the right crews. This would reduce crime and also help relieve police pressure. These kids have stories to tell, so let us teach them how to tell them.


We won a D&AD new blood graphite pencil for our work on this brief!

1 x Case Study Video

1 x PDF Brief 

3 x Research Posters

3 x Mock Ups

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